view of post application for clever closet rods showing depth of closet and the 12 inch of space the perpendicular application occupies!

How To Configure Closet Rods That rotate out of your closet Fits Common Closet Depths of 24" Sized For 2 or 3 Foot doors Jamb Mounted On The doors Or Installed on a Post American made Garment Rack For hanging clothing that swings out of cubby spaces !

Common Closet Rods Span the distance of our closets They are Unmoving and Can become quickly Cramped And Cluttered.

     The clever closet rod system Is not just a metal rod that holds Clothing The clever closet rod system Actually Moves clothing out of the space by Rotating at Two points Giving It the unique ability to move items That rely on its support Out of the spaces That it occupies. Most Closets are 24 inches Deep and They have Common Door sizes of 2 and 3 foot. The clever closet rod system comes in various sizes and works around the doors. The ability to move clothing out of the closet gives you access to your clothing making it much easier to See the clothes you have and organize your laundry. With the closet free of the hanging clothes you can access the abundance of space behind them This gives you the option to clean your closet and access the spaces behind your clothes that you never had access. you can add shelving for shoes or whatever else you need to store. With two variations of hanging available you can either use standard closet rods that rotate out of the closet and around the doors. The standard closet rods take the place of normal closet rods that would span across the closet Giving you the ability to ad 6 inches of shelving perfect for shoes. You can order accessory rods Called perpendicular rods and hang the clothing perpendicular to the doors With this application you can ad 12 inches of clothing to a normal closet. With either the door jamb or the post application You can utilize the rods at whatever elevations you need this means you can have multiple levels of hanging rods for garments in a single closet, doorway, or cubby space.

 How to install the Clever Closet Rods And have them Rotate Out Of the Closet For You!

Door Jamb

* The easiest way to install the Clever closet rods and have them rotate out of your closet is To Install your Closet Rods On the door jambs of your closet. The door jambs Normally have Structural Wood studs That hold up The header of your closet This is a structure meant to support the opening For the doors! You can use a series of lag screws to Mount the jamb bracket on the side of your door jamb As long as there is a 4" or more space where These studs might be located.


*Alternative option for Mounting The clever Closet Rods In you Home The Clever Adjustable Mounting Post is a Great option for those wanting to mount the clever closet rod system. The post Can be used At the sides of your spaces Or To the middle of your storage space. The Benefit of having the post on the sides of your closet is Having a Suitable structure at the sides to mount your clever closet rods. This is Useful because some closets or storage spaces do not have The substantial Stud Framing at the sides of the closet. The benefit of having the Post to the Center of your closet Or space is The ability to put Closet Rods On Both sides of The post and This Would Mean One Post Could Hold Mutiple Levels Of hanging At both sides of the closet At the same time!

    Cost-Efficiency and Versatility:

    Comparative Cost:

    • Affordability: While The Clever Closet Rod System IS a Expensive Alternative To normal Closet Rods The Cost IS Met with closet Contest By the Versatility That The System Provieds1
    • Accessible Shelving: By Utilizing Perpendicular hanging you can make best use of Your shelving space Adding Feet of shelving Where a normal closet would have shelving just Above the hanging Clothing Taking The normal 6 to eight feet of shelving and allowing you to multiply that from floor to ceiling.  The standard closet rod still allows shelving but The normal amount of Shelving space shrinks from 12 inches to 6 inches While hanging space is maintained on the perpendicular Rods.
    • DIY-Friendly: The clever closet rod system can Be put Together By any Experienced Installer No more difficult than your standard Instillation of a Tv mount to the wall.

    Space and Cost Efficiency:

    • Optimal Utilization: Our system not only maximizes space but does so without the hefty price tag of a custom closet company Redoing your space.
    • DIY Installation: With no need for professional installation, our system empowers you to take charge of your closet organization without breaking the bank.
    • Versatile Shelving: Embrace the flexibility of incorporating affordable wire or wood shelving options, tailoring your closet to your needs you can find cheap shelving for various sizes at stores such as home depo or Lowes Dare i say Ikea.

    Choosing the Right Option for Your Closet:

    Door Jamb Installation:

    • Pros: Ideal for those who prioritize easy installation and have suitable stud placement.
    • Best Suited For: Closets with well-positioned studs, providing a quick and efficient setup.

    Post Application:

    • Pros: Offers an alternative for closets where stud placement may be challenging.
    • Best Suited For: Closets with less-than-ideal stud placement, providing an additional stable installation option. The option for multiple clamps and levels makes it versatile for various storage requirements.

    Conclusion: Affordable Efficiency for Every Space

    While our system isn't the cheapest, it presents a significantly more budget-friendly alternative to high-end custom closet solutions. By utilizing wire or wood shelving, you have the flexibility to tailor your closet at a lower cost. Considering the overall efficiency in terms of space utilization, installation ease, and financial investment, our system stands as an attractive middle ground. It's a cost-effective and DIY-friendly solution that empowers you to create an organized and efficient closet without breaking the bank. Elevate your closet experience today and discover the perfect synergy of functionality, cost-efficiency, and ease of installation.

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